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Quick painting of an upcoming heroine - Jessica Jones.
She already stole my heart.
She and Kilgrave, too.
(Kilgrave gonna be there next time. I just need to... get to know him... better.)

You want to do it. You know you do.
14th of Hill
Triss Merigold, also known as Fourteenth of Hill. From the game "The Witcher: Wild Hunt"
Say 'thank you' to your Admiral, Rose!

“Please fasten your seatbelts, the ship takes off from the dock numer one and contains a very precious cargo! The final countdown: 3… 2… 1…” said Doctor, holding suddenly Rose in his arms and standing with her. He could only smile seeing her surprised face and didn’t have time for helping her hold him more firm - she could only wrap her arms around his neck. He walked with her to his bathroom, hoping he won’t stumble upon some very high stack of books or something like that. Fortunately, they’ve only touched one a little bit and it stood still. The bigger problem was sudden enemy - bathroom’s doors. The handle was totally impossible to open without using hands.
“Please stand still, the spaceship’s Admiral encountered some problematic issues… but the mission goal is so important he’s ready to make some unbelievable sacrifices…”, he said, finally opening the doors with his knee - almost falling down with giggling Rose, who still was holding his neck like it was a lifebuoy. Fortunately, they’ve reached the bathroom without any accidents. Doctor put Rose back on the ground, kissing her neck with sudden oportunity.
“We gladly inform that the mission was accomplished with success. Now you can kiss your Admiral for safe flight.”
“Admiral, hm? Where’s your starfleet, Admiral?”, she asked, holding tight his shirt and pressing their lips in sweet kiss.
“I’ve got Tardis, girl!” he answered, but there was no time for more words, as they’ve come to the bathroom on very specified purpose.

It’s sketchy and messy and blurry but I just had to draw those cuties today! My heart is beating in Doctor x Rose rythm today and, :iconalize-san:, my honeybee, you totally know why! Picture dedicated to you and your sweet sweet sweet Rose. Sweetest Rose in the universe!


Tom Hiddleston aka “Ehehehe” aka “Dance more” :happybounce: 

I really need to work on drawing materials, like shirts or vests ._.

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